Back on a Wednesday at the club

I’ve not been at the Club tempo run on a Wednesday night for a number of months so it was good to get back tonight.

We have a number of set routes we tend to do depending on who is there and what we fancy doing. Tonight we decided to run a route called ’round the houses.’

There were five of us in my group and within a mile or so Dave Mewse and myself were ahead and we just kept it going. We were chatting and realised we couldn’t really see the other three. We knew they knew the way so pushed on.
After about 4 miles Dave said he was going to slow down and wait for the others as I was going too quick for him! Me too quick … I felt I was hanging on to Dave’s pace. So we both slowed down a bit and continued to run together.
We finished strongly and I was happy to see that we’d averaged 7.21pace and we’d run 9.96miles. Dave suggested I ran round the block to make it 10miles but I declined. When have I ever done that!!??!!
It was good to get back on a Wednesday night. Home in time to listen to the Everton vs Spurs game. It’s 1-1 at the moment but I reckon we’ll grab a winner!
9.96miles in 1hrs 13mins 08secs (7.21pace)
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  1. I can't believe you didn't make it up to 10 miles!!

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