Run home

An easy run today after last night’s tempo. I left my motorbike at work and ran home. I made sure I ran nice and steady.

Some of the pathways were still quite slippy which surprised me so I made sure I ran carefully especially round the corners.

I’m looking forward to watching the film ‘127 hours’ sometime soon.

The film is based on the true story of Aron Ralston which he told in his book ‘Between a Rock and a Hard Place’ which I read a couple of years ago.

If you don’t know the story it’s about a 27yr guy who loves the outdoors. On one trip in 2003 he falls down a canyon and a rock traps his arm. With no way out and no-one knowing where he is he eventually realises the only way out is to cut off his arm.

Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) directs the film and I’m looking forward to how they show one character in one place for so long. Jo and Jono went to watch it in Inverness and a lady in the audience fainted at the climax of the film!

Thurs 6th Jan Run Details
7.21miles in 59mins 20secs (8.14pace)

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3 Responses to Run home

  1. Colin Knox says:

    I'm also planning on going to see….myself and a few of the guys i climb with are hoping to see soon. Although im a bit worried it might put me off ever setting foot on a mountain again!!!!…i've nevver read the book but i know it got really good reviews. Hope you enjoy!!

  2. NORRY says:

    Hi John

    Just back from viewing the film, its pretty intense stuff, they done a great job on the film well worth viewing.

    will need to get my hands on the book now.


  3. allybea says:

    I've seen him interviewed a couple of times and he is an amazing guy. Don't think I could watch the film though.

    Big lesson is make sure someone knows where you're running/climbing so we know where to begin looking for you if you don't come back!

    Ali x

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