Running on the snow again

I must admit I was hoping that we’d seen the last of the snow for the winter but when we came out of the Braehead Odeon on Friday night it was snowing and has stuck on the ground since.

I really enjoyed the film, ‘127hrs’. It’s a few years since I read the book and obviously knew the basics of the story but I thought it was excellent. Danny Boyle, the director, has done a great job in holding your attention as he shows how Aron tried all he knew he get out of the situation and his thought processes.
Aron records on video and takes photos of his predicament and Katrina, Laura and Hollie all said that was just what I would do!! It does raise the question though of whether I’d be able to do what Aron did and amputate my own arm to save myself.
I heard Danny Boyle say on radio that everyone would do the same thing as our self preservation is so strong. I don’t suppose we really know unless we find ourselves in that situation but I’m not planning to try!
I was in tears when he found a family and they helped him to rescue. It’s an emotional story.
Hollie arrived safely in Ghana last night. She has a week in the capital Accra before travelling 17hrs on a bus north to Chiana where they will be based for the next 6months.
Anyway back to my run. I set off at 7.20am for my planned 12miles on the Gleniffer Braes. I wore my Yaktraxs as the snow was still on the ground. I met up with David Mac and we ran together.
The wind was really strong for awhile making conversation pretty hard but thankfully it eased off. It’s amazing how easier it is running with a friend. We spent the time chatting and the miles came and went. We came down a slightly different way to make sure we did 12miles.
So this week I’ve ran just 51.60miles and kept to my training plan! A good start to the year!
12.04miles in 2hrs 05mins 43secs (10.27pace)
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One Response to Running on the snow again

  1. dna100 says:

    Cheers John, Happy New Year to you too.
    Your running seems to be going from strength – subject to the odd injury.

    2010 wasn't a great year for me, but I'm using running to run my way though it. The South Wales Traverse is going to be my first ultra distance challenge and I feel good for it. If all goes well I'll maybe join you in the West Highland Way in the future…

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