A good Fartlek session

Despite the wet weather and icy pavements we had 12 in our group tonight. There was a range of speeds as well so everyone had someone to pace with, or chase or be chased.
The cycle track was still quite icy so we opted for the safer roads on the industrial estate opposite Asda in Linwood. It wasn’t quite as quiet as we hoped as we dodged the lorries coming and going and a few cars as well.
We ran the same ‘S’ shaped road out and back three times but at least it wasn’t slippy, though it was pretty wet.
My legs were feeling fine after yesterday’s run and with a session consisting of 1,2 and 3mins with a more than the usual rest in between (1min, 90secs & 2min) I thought that the 5mile mark could be reached tonight and that was how it worked out, but only just!
Here are the figures …

I started near the front for each session and tried to make it hard for those faster runners like Callum who were chasing me. I ran a number of the reps with Cara and I think it made us both work harder than we would do on our own.
Cara is studying to be a Dietician and has done a lot of research on exercise and nutrition. So we’ve invited her for tea on Friday and I have lots of questions to ask her about how to fuel for an ultra!
I was really pleased tonight as I kept a good pace right to the end. My last 3min run was not my slowest which I feel is always a good sign.
Straight after the session we had a club committee meeting which went on until 10.30pm but I’m now home and ready for bed!
9.84miles in 1hr 18mins 05secs
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