An encouraging Tempo Run

It was really quite warm tonight and so I set off without gloves or buff and I’m glad I did. There were four of us in our group tonight and we ended up running in two groups of two.

Our route this week was around Paisley ….

I ran the whole way with David Mac and the pair of us pushed the pace and worked off each other. At Dobbies in Paisley I looked at my watch and our pace was 7.03 for the 3.8miles or so. We had a few hills and turns through Paisley and when I looked again at just over 7miles it was 7.00pace.
David led the pace on the last hill and I hung on and we finished the 9.22miles at 6.59pace. I was really pleased with that and even more so as it hadn’t felt particularly hard. We were chatting most of the way and I felt we were fairly comfortable.
We’ve arranged another long run together on Sunday on the Braes. This time we are meeting at 7am so we can get 15miles in.
9.22miles in 1hr 04mins 21secs (6.59pace)
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2 Responses to An encouraging Tempo Run

  1. Good stuff, JK.

    When are you going to post a picture of Colin?

  2. Johann says:

    Sounds like a good run with good friends. I run mostly alone but the right company can make a huge difference. Enjoy Sunday's long run!

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