Club Fartlek session

My third week of running 6 days a week starts with our club Fartlek. Tonight’s session was lots of 3min and 5min runs so I knew it was going to be harder to reach the 5mile mark for the 30mins but I was keen to give it a go.

There was only four of us in our group tonight David Mac, Craig, Cara and me. It was good to see Caroline back at the club. There were 12 in her group and I think she enjoyed it!

With all the snow and ice gone we were back on the cycle track. There were one or two slightly slippy bits but nothing too bad. Cara and I ran the whole of the session together, stride for stride with David working hard to hang on to us.

Cara is targetting a sub 2.10 800m this season and is going well. I look forward to seeing how she gets on this year.

We worked really hard right through the session. The first two sets of 3min/5mins were against the wind and slightly uphill. We got faster on the way back with the wind behind us!!

I didn’t quite make the 5miles this week but it’s always harder with the longer reps. I was really happy with the run and the effort I put in. I do feel I’m getting stronger each week.

Ian B left a comment on yesterday’s post on nutrition saying, ‘We’ve arranged for the Head of Nutrition at the Institute of Sport to speak at the WHW Training and Inspiration night on 9 Feb. She should be interesting to hear. ‘

Hopefully there will be some publicity about the evening coming soon but here is some advance notice. It’s a been a great evening in the past with lots of good advice and help. It will be held in Edinburgh in the evening of Wednesday 9th February.

Mon 17th Jan Run Details
9.62miles in 1hr 12mins 02secs

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One Response to Club Fartlek session

  1. WHW Runner says:

    Another good session John 🙂

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