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Today I ran at lunchtime rather than running home. It was a lot colder today and a low fog descended on Glasgow. I ran with a jacket one and gloves and I’m glad I did as I only just about warmed up.

Once again I tried to stay around 8min mile pace but ended up faster than that. Gavin, one of my colleagues, suggested that my easy pace is maybe just faster. I think there is something in that. Also today because it was so cold I think my body was happier running a bit quicker to stay warm!

Thanks to those who left some comments on my post about getting help with Nutrition.

I thought I’d comment on a couple of them …

From Andy Kerr…
Did you experiment much with Hammer’s Perpetuam liquid nutrition? I’m using it on the bike but tend to be bored of it by the time I hit the run of an ironman and take some gels amongst other things. A bit different from your racing, but keen to hear. Andy

I have used Hammer’s Perpetuam with some success but I would say that I, too, got bored with drinking it and don’t feel it’s the answer for me on a 20hr race. I’ve also decided this year to stay away from ‘manufactured’ drinks & food and will be making my own.

William Sichel ….
Fascinating debate John. My main concern is that 250kcals every hour, for 20 hours is a lot, when you are running for performance and not just jogging along. This 250kcal figure came from treadmill research lasting a couple of hours. The theory has then been extrapolated upwards to cover ultras – always a dangerous thing to do. Look at it this way – most of us could go down the pub and drink a pint an hour, for say 3 hours. But a pint an hour for 20 hours??? Point made.

I was intrigued by this one, particularly coming from William, who I know is meticulous in his preparation. Should I be aiming to eat less than 250kcal per hour? Not being a drinker I wouldn’t know whether drinking 20pints in 20hrs is possible but I get the point!

One of the things I want to work on this year is variety of food. I won’t be eating the same 250kcal every hour. I’ll be aiming to have a variety of food which hopefully will help me.

So my question at the moment is whether I should be aiming to eat as much as 250kcal per hour for 20hrs? Is it possible/realistic/advisable.
For those not a facebook friend of mine …. here is a picture I posted of our new kitten, Nala! I have very reluctantly agreed to another cat after weeks of pressure from the two females left in our house!!
7.77miles in 59mins 52secs (7.43pace)
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5 Responses to Reply to comments on Nutrition

  1. A pint an hour for 20 hours? No problem. William Sichel is a wuss!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey John, before you shove your foot into it, do make sure your wee kitten isn't having a snooze in one of your running shoes!

    Murdo t M

  3. GaryB says:

    Hi John.

    There really seems to be a lack of research out there on nutritional and hydrational needs of ultra runners especially day long or multi day high mileage training and racing. Most reseach is over marathon distance and under. so all we can do is go on the most trusted information out there and even tho i believe it's very individual to the athlete's preferences, genetics, weather conditions and terrian, it's still best guess and experience.

  4. Colin Knox says:

    Hi John…i was interested in what you said about making you're own 'food' for long runs. What sort of things are you planning. I've found that a lot of the stuff on shop shelves gives me indigestion / doesnt work or feels like eating wallpaper paste (and I cant justify the expense for some of the stuff on the market). I would be interested in your ideas.


    Colin K

  5. Clodhopper says:

    I'm really interested in the nutritional side of ultra running as it's an area I know nothing about and will have to approach it by trial and error.
    I mean at 250 calories an hour for 20 hrs thats at least 10 Big Macs!!

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