Update on job

As I was running at lunch time today I decided to do my scheduled hill session. Over the last few years I’ve tried to include some hill sessions as I think they are important.

After my first whw race in 2007 when my quads were well and truly trashed I realised I needed to work harder on my downhill running both in terms of technique but also in fitness/preparation.

Since that first year I’ve not had the same problems with my quads but I still think it’s a good idea to do some hill sessions. One of sessions I do from home is to run up a very steep hill to Robertson’s Car park and run back down. The hill is about a mile long and so is good for training those downhill muscles.

Anyway today I decided to do a different session around Bellahouston Park. After a mile or so warm up running round the grass I did a 0.32mile circuit ten times.

The circuit involves a steep climb for about 40secs, then a short sharp downhill section (alongside the steps behind the Leisure Centre if you know Bellahouston Park), followed by a flatter section back to the start again.

Then a cool down run back to where I started. The overall distance was just over 6miles which was fine. I used the first one as a marker and then tried to keep each one round about the same time.

This is how I got on ….

I kept a consistent pace going and felt it was a good session. Tomorrow is my day off and then I’m looking forward to a run on the Kilpatricks with Marco and Thomas. It will be good to do the route without snow!
I heard today that I’ve been offered 0.5 of a post starting from 5th May. My present contract finishes on 31st March. I’m not sure whether I’ll have to move and how I can work out the hours.
At least it means I’ll be in post if a full time position comes up. So I’ll be looking for another part time job to make up the hours. I may be able to get some more swimming teaching. Plus I’d like to look into doing a course so that I could teach the swimming teachers.
6.14miles in 50mins 09secs
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One Response to Update on job

  1. Keep postive, JK.

    Enjoy your run tomorrow.

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