Kilpatricks Run

This morning I was up and out by 7.30am and took my motor bike to Clydebank where I met Marco, Thomas & Joe for a run on the Kilpatrick Hills.

Joe was already at the car park when I arrived. Thomas followed closely behind then Marco turned up just after 8am with some excuse of not getting up until 7.30am and needing his breakfast before we started!!

This was the second time I’ve ran with Marco on this route. The first was in December when we waded through knee deep snow for most of it. I was looking forward to being able to run more of this time. I was also interested to see get an idea of where I am fitness wise.

Once we were all ready we took a photo and then set off ….

Marco, Thomas, Joe & Me ready to start

Here is a map of our route …

I was feeling really good right from the start and was determined to run nice and steady. The other thing I was working on was my food. I’d worked out what I wanted to eat over the 3.5hrs or so and was able to keep to that.

Marco took us on a slightly different route to last time adding in another hill early on. It looked very different without all the snow but did mean that we could run a lot more than last time and it was a lot quicker!

Thomas, Marco & Joe at the first trig point

We stayed together throughout the run and I had chats with everyone which was great. It’s always interesting to catch up with what everyone is doing. Joe is getting back to full fitness after a knee operation 14months ago and is still running with a bit of a limp but going well.

Joe, Me & Marco at the next Trig point
In the the first hour and a half I ate my peanut butter and jam sandwich which went down well. The run the forest which took us over 45mins in December took us nearer 10mins today. We also took in the Whangie which we missed last time.
I used the climb to eat my mashed potato. I’d made it to Cara’s instructions … potato with butter and double cream. It tasted really good and passed the ‘Kynaston fit for use’ test!

Eating my mashed potato

We ran down the hill towards the car park and both Marco and Joe took a tumble on the icy path. Thankfully both were okay though it winded Marco and his breathing was affected for awhile.

Thomas and Marco give me a lift!

We ran over a field and forest and than came on a path above the whw route past Dumgoyne. I drank my hot chocolate which was cold by then but still very nice and some juicy mixed fruit which I could eat no problem. We then dropped down onto the whw path, stopping for a photo!

Thomas, Me & Joe with Dumgoyne in the background

We ran along the whw path for a couple of miles before heading up the road over some more fields and then back to the car park for our final photo …

Me, Joe, Thomas & Marco

So it was another excellent run. I was really encouraged with my run and felt really strong right through to the end.

I’ve put the rest of the photos on my Facebook Page

On this run I ate …

1 slice of peanut butter and jam – 350kcal
I large scoop of mashed potato (with double cream and butter) – 200kcal
50g of mixed fruit – 150kcal
100ml hot chocolate (with extra skimmed milk powder and double cream) – 250kcal
Plus 500ml of water

This week I’ve ran ….

Next week I’ll be building up to our long run on the whw. We are doing Drymen to Beinglas Farm (29-30miles). Can’t wait!

Sun 23rd Jan Run Details
19.17miles in 3hrs 34mins 31secs (11.12pace)

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2 Responses to Kilpatricks Run

  1. Well done John. You had a superb run today and you were strong right up to the end. No wonder you are happy with how your training is going. Keep going like this and you will have a fantastic year. See you next week.


  2. Thomas says:

    I really enjoyed that run today. And I was impressed how strong you were running. You are in great shape and it would not surprise me if you produce a few PB's this year. Fingers crossed.
    See you soon!

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