We will rock you

I really enjoyed our trip to the King’s Theatre last night to watch, ‘We will rock you.’ I’ve never been into music. In fact I’ve never ever bought a record/cd for myself. When I was a teenager I was far too busy playing football and any sport to have time for music.

Some of my school friends tried to introduce me to the delights of listening to music but I never really got it. Katrina, on the other hand, enjoys listening to music and ‘The Queen’ were one of her favourites.

For those who don’t know the musical ‘We will rock you’ is based 300 years in the future where all musical instruments are banned and everyone is forced to listen to computer generated music.

The main character of the story hears words and music and after finding the Bohmenians sets out to find the electric guitar Queen have hidden.

Throughout the musical there are loads of Queen songs (some I recognised but many I didn’t!!) and lots of references to their songs.

Even though, as I said, I’m not into music, I really enjoyed the show. I just love anything live, whether it’s sport or entertainment. The energy of the performers was excellent and it was great fun.

This morning I ran back into work. I set up my virtual runner for 7.55 pace and made sure I stayed slower than that. It was a nice and easy run at 8.07 pace. Result.

So just one more run tomorrow before Sunday. Even though this is my fifth year of running this race I still look forward to getting on the route whether it’s for a training run or the race itself. I think because I only go once a month it still feel special when I do.

I’ve been looking at my times for the last 4 years of doing this particular training run so it will give me an indication of how I’m getting on.
Thurs 27th Run Details
6.20miles in 50mins 15secs (8.07pace)
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One Response to We will rock you

  1. Santababy says:

    wow@ never having bought a record/cd etc for yourself!

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