Running with Andy Murray

At lunch time today I headed over to Bellahouston Park for a hill session. I had a school assembly after lunch so I was slightly short of time so ran 5.5miles which was about right anyway.
As I set off Andy Murray was 2-1 up and the fourth set had started. So I took my radio, tuned into to Five Live Extra and listened to the commentary. Andy won just a few minutes before I finished my run so thanks Andy for the perfect timing … and well done on reaching the final!
I was feeling a bit sluggish today so didn’t push too hard. Here is my route around Bellahouston Park …

I decided to do a slightly different route than last week. It involved two short up hills, two short down hills and a flat bit. The distance of each lap was 0.46miles and it took me around 3mins 57secs each lap.
I did four laps and then ran another couple of miles around the park. I had just enough time to shower, eat my sandwich and get to the school in time.
So rest day tomorrow and then our run on the whw. The final of the Australian Open starts at 8.30am just before we start running so if anyone is watching it and wouldn’t mind texting me the score after each set I’d be very grateful!
5.52miles in 45mins 19secs (8.13pace)
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One Response to Running with Andy Murray

  1. ann says:

    Sounds like you could be busy fielding your text messages! Good luck with the run.

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