Review of January

I have been encouraged with how my legs have felt after Sunday’s run. I had a rest day yesterday and tonight set off for an easy 6miler around Paisley once I got home. It was pretty windy and damp but I enjoyed a steady run.

Thanks to those who left comments about my garmin. When I got home I recharged it and I noticed that it was losing charge even when switched off. Marco suggested downloading the latest software for it and trying again which I did.

It held the charge today and was fine tonight so hopefully it will be okay for a bit longer anyway!

I found it helpful last year to do a short review at the end of each month so I’ve decided to continue this year!

For this month I’m looking at my training under two headings, Objectively and Subjectively.

First of all the facts and figures.

In January I ran 24 times for a total of 232.31miles. My four weekly totals were 51.60, 55.60, 58.45 & 66.27 miles.

I had 7 days off, thankfully none of them due to injury.

As you can see from the sheet below I was able to keep to my plan for the month.

If you like graphs then here’s one …..

Here is the breakdown of the types of runs I did …

I would say my key three runs of the week are as follows …

Fartlek (Monday night)
I’ve done four sessions. Each week the time ‘on’ is 30mins but always a different combination. In the four sessions I ran 4.81miles, 5.03miles, 4.91miles and 4.73miles. So I’m really happy with that.

Tempo Run (Wednesday night)
I also ran four sessions this month between 9.13 and 9.96 miles. My average pace for the sessions were 7.21, 6.59, 6.56 and 6.56. Again really pleased with that.

Long Run (Sunday)
For me these are the key sessions. There is no substitute for time on feet running off road. This month my four long runs have been 12, 15, 19 and 30miles. A nice steady increase all run at a comfortable pace.

How do I feel? The short answer is really good!

I set out in 2011 with a clear plan to run four ultra races spread out between April and September. I know that January to April are my key months to build up my fitness and endurance.

I feel January has been an almost perfect start. Each week I’ve felt stronger and recovered quicker. Long may it continue!

The other area I’m really pleased about is my nutrition. Since meeting with Cara I’ve tried out a few things and I’m encouraged with how things are going. I have a clearer idea on what I’m trying to do and experiment with.

So a good start to the year.

Tues 1st Feb Run Details
6.55miles in 51mins 32secs (7.53pace)

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One Response to Review of January

  1. Thomas says:

    John it was great to see you again on Sunday, although we sort of split up after Balmaha. But I was not avoiding you! I always enjoy discussing training, running and racing (and even spreadsheets!!!).
    But my tactics for Sunday to run hard at the start (Conic hill) and see how that hard effort would hit me later in the run. (And if you want to know the result of that experiment: it did hit me hard, but it was not fatal.)

    I am very pleased to see how well you progress this year. I am confident you will produce some great results.

    see you soon!

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