Very wet and very, very, very windy

Today was supposed to be an easy run home from work but the weather had other ideas.

All afternoon at work I could hear and see the wind and rain and hoped that it might ease off a bit by the time I was due to run home. If anything it got stronger. In fact it was so strong it pushed my bike over as I was moving it. If I hadn’t been beside it at the time it would have been on the ground.
So I knew it was going to be a tougher run than I’d planned but I’ve never been one for not running because of the weather. It might be like this in June on the whw race and so it’s good preparation.
I can’t remember, though, the last time I ran in such strong winds. As I was running home in one direction the rain and wind were in my face the whole way. There were points when I had to work hard just to keep moving at all.
The wind seemed to get stronger the further the run went on. I must say I was glad to get home, strip off all my soaking wet gear and get in a hot shower. I hope the wind has died down by tomorrow morning as I need to run back into work. At least the wind should be behind me!!
I finished Alan Sugar’s autobiography, ‘What you see is what you get’ the other day. Josh & Laura bought it for me for Christmas.
I really enjoyed it. I knew the various things that he was and is involved in and I found it really interesting reading the background to these things. I remember Amstrad computers. My Dad was very proud of his.
The sections on his involvement with Spurs made very revealing reading. His thoughts on the way Football in general and Spurs in particular were run makes you realise why so many clubs are in such a financial mess.
As a fan of the Apprentice those chapters were also good fun. So a really good book.
Next on my list is the novel ‘Shantaram’ by Gregory David Roberts. Katrina read it recently and said I’d really enjoy it and she’s rarely wrong!
6.56miles in 54mins 14secs (8.17pace)
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2 Responses to Very wet and very, very, very windy

  1. Clodhopper says:

    Call me a masochist but i love runs like that. Somehow I feel extra exilerated after a wet and wild run. I remember running up and down Ben Vrackie when it was like that. I was forced to crawling to the trig point. That was a couple of years ago and it sticks in my mind still.

  2. Finally! A man who excepts his wife is always right!

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