That was easier

I woke this morning about 6am and was pleased to realise it wasn’t raining and the wind had died down.

By the time I left home at 7.30am it was raining slightly but hardly any wind, especially in comparison to last night. My legs felt good so I decided to just run how I felt.

I glanced at my watch after 3miles or so and was surprised to see I was running at 7.36pace. I eased off a bit but decided to go a little further than the 7miles I had planned.

This is my recovery week and it feels really good that I have recovered from last Sunday’s 30miler. I have another easy 8miler on Sunday and then onwards and upwards next week.

If I put my training plan on a graph I’m aiming for something like this ….

So each month 3 weeks of good solid training, followed by an easy week. Then hopefully the next month building up again. The aim is to get to June the fitest I can be.

Fri 4th Feb Run Details
8.18miles in 1hr 02mins 14secs (7.37pace)

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One Response to That was easier

  1. Anonymous says:

    Judging by your January performance, John, I'm going to need a major reappraisal (downwards……….) of my entry for the “Guess my time” competition when it comes along!

    Murdo t M

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