Weight lost

For the final run of my easy week I decided to do a slightly different route around Paisley. It joined up a route we do with the club and I knew I could make it around 8miles which was what I was after.
I set off at 8.45am and decided to run steady. I was keen not to push too hard as I’ll be back at the club tomorrow night for a fartlek session. After a couple of miles I looked at my watch and saw I was around 7.35pace which was a bit faster than I’d planned but it felt easy so decided to keep it going.
A couple of times I felt I put on the brakes so I didn’t speed up too much. Arrived home feeling good. I used the time running to go over my sermon for this morning. I was speaking at Cathcart Trinity Church on King Josiah. A thought of a couple of illustrations to get my point across – real multi-tasker me!!
So here is a summary of my easy week …

At the beginning of the year I decided to weigh myself once a week. I try not to be too obsessive about my weight but it is one factor in how fast and far you can run. I reckon my ‘fighting’weight for an ultra is around 12st.
I decided to weight myself after my long run on Sunday. This was based on the idea that I reckon that would be my lowest weight of the week and so would encourage me!! As long as I do it at the same point each week it didn’t really matter.
Anyway here is my weight for the last 6 weeks ….

I was quite surprised it was slightly lower this week as I’ve not run as much and I’ve treated myself to a few creams cakes!
I’m going to continue with the experiment and see were I end up. If I continue to lose half a stone a month I’ll be 10st by the whw in June!!!!!
8.32miles in 1hr 03mins 10secs (7.36pace)
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4 Responses to Weight lost

  1. Edgepath says:


    Your bodyweight after a long run varies so much depending on level of dehydration – why not weigh yourself before the run, rather than after?

    (I think the kilogram conversion for Jan 2 is incorrect – didn't think you had lost 10 kg in a month!!)

    All the best.

  2. Thomas says:

    … or 9kg in one week from Jan 02 to Jan 09? You need to tell me your diet!!! 🙂

  3. Peter Duggan says:

    Edgepath is right, but once a week still won't iron out day-to-day irregularities unless you're looking purely for trend over the *long* term. So weigh yourself daily before breakfast (as I've done in the past, and am currently doing again) if you really want to know, because you might find the daily fluctuations so surprising that you'll never trust a weekly weight again!

  4. John – Your an ultra runner. Throw away the scales and eat more cake. And if you don't want cake then try Pizza. 🙂


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