Monday = Fartlek

After my easy week last week it was back with a bang tonight. Another interesting session with 3 sets of 2mins, 4min then 1min, 3min. So with the longest run a 4min there was a chance of reaching 5miles to night.

Thankfully the heavy rain of the day had died off and we had a dry night to run. The cycle track was a bit wet in places. In fact as we went through Bridge of Weir there was a massive puddle we had to run through!
There were only three of us in our group tonight as a lot of the guys had run races Saturday and Sunday and were obviously taking it easier.
So I ran with Cara and John H which was fine as we kept each other working hard. I tended to lead on the 3 and 4min runs and Cara on the 1 and 2mins so we worked well together.
I was really interested to see whether I’d made the 5miles ….
Yeh … I did … just! Really pleased with that.
Thanks for the comments about taking my weight. I don’t want to take my weight every day so I asked Cara when would be the best time to take it. She suggested on my non running day. So I’m going to take it when I get up on a Saturday morning from now on.
9.95miles in 1hr 16mins 35secs
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