Job Update and Future

I took the afternoon off today as I need to take 7 days holiday between now and the end of March when my contract finishes. I also wanted to go for a run before driving to Edinburgh for the whw night of inspiration.

I decided for my tempo run to do an out and back along the cycle track. When I worked from home this used to be my stable tempo run so thought it would be fun to do it today. Here is the out and back route.
Here is the elevation for the route …
I set off with two objectives … Firstly to see if I could keep the average pace below 7min miles and secondly to run a negative split (ie the second half faster than the first).
As you can see from the splits below I was able to achieve both ……
My average pace for the 10miles was 6.44mins per mile and I ran back just over a minute faster than the way out.
I had to concentrate on keeping a good pace. No day dreaming or thinking about other things today. I was focused on my run and keeping my pace up. I was really pleased I was able to do that.
If I ran this pace for the half marathon in Inverness I would finish in 1hr 28mins 15secs. I’d be very happy with that!
For those who know me or have read previous posts you might be aware that my present contract with Active Schools finishes on 31st March. Due to cuts Glasgow Council and Sports Scotland have had to reduce the number of coordinators from 31 to 26 in Glasgow.
This has been done by length of service and I was just the wrong side of the line. Since we heard in December things have changed a bit and I was offered a 0.5 post but I’ve now heard that they can offer me a full time post!
It will start on 3rd May so I don’t have any work in April and it will be until 31st March 2012 but I’m grateful for the post as four of my colleagues are looking for work and haven’t been as fortunate so far. I hope they find something soon.
Hopefully I’ll see a good number of friends tonight in Edinburgh. I’m really looking forward to it. Full report and videos to come!
10.03 in 1hr 07mins 22secs (6.44pace)
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6 Responses to Job Update and Future

  1. GaryB says:

    Well done on securing the post. We have been under threat here with swimming pool closures but due to public support we/they have been saved for the moment. Our active schools coordinators appear to be untouched but then again they would have a hard job to reduce the numbers as they are thin on the ground in the first place. Its definitely hard times ahead for as all in education, culture and sport.

  2. Andy Cole says:

    Congratulations on the job, John (and the impressive times in your tempo run – don't think I'll ever see the underside of a 7 minute mile again!)

  3. Vicky says:

    Good news on the job John, 🙂

  4. Great splits, JK. And brilliant news on your job.

    Looking forward to seeing the video.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great news on the job front, John, and on the negative splits. (I'm not sure which you are more pleased with!!!) Sounds like you might be a full time athlete during April, culminating in the H Fling race. Bit more pressure to put in an even more stellar performance…..

    Murdo t M

  6. Anonymous says:

    Great news on the job front and a very solid base of running for the forthcoming running year. Keep on running, well nothing else for it especially in April!!

    mark caldwell
    Fraserburgh RC

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