Sweat rate

After Wednesday’s whw evening of inspiration I decided to work out my sweat rate as recommended by Dr Jenny Cuthill.

Jenny recommended the following steps …

1. Weigh yourself naked after going to the toilet
2. Run for 1hr at race itensity and weather
3. Don’t eat or drink during run
4. Weigh yourself naked immediately after run
5. Weight loss = sweat rate

Jenny did say you could do a 2-4 hr run and note how much you drink but I decided as I was planning to run for an hour today then that would do.

I wanted to do a hill session today so that worked out well as I tend to run slower on this route due to the hills!

The weather was a bit overcast today with light rain when I ran so I’ll try and repeat this procedure a few times over the next few months in different weather to see what affect the heat makes.

Details ….

So according today’s trial I should be drinking no more than 550ml an hour if the weather is cool. It will be interesting to see how that goes up when it’s hot …. but I fear I might have to wait a few months to try that one out!!
I normally do 4 large circuits of Brodie Park but as I wanted to run for the hour I added an extra one and half which brought me up to the hour and 7miles.
I’ve sent off my River Ayr Way (RAW) application today so that’s all four races for the year entered.
Day off tomorrow and then a 15miler on the Braes Sunday morning.
7.02miles in 1hr 00mins 18secs (8.36pace)
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