Great week

It’s been a really good week all round. I found out that I do have a full time job (well until March 2012 at least!). I enjoyed my trip to Edinburgh on Wednesday night for the whw night of inspiration.

Plus it’s been a really solid week of training. I’m very happy with where I’m at with four months to go to the whw race.
Today I set off in the dark at 6.45am and ran just over 15miles on my favourite circuit round the Gleniffer Braes. I had the whole place to myself, except for a couple of dog walkers.
Since I last ran on the route last month they have replaced four of the old gates with shiny new ones that are a lot easier to open and run through. So thanks to whoever organised that.
I felt really strong and ran easy throughout the run. That is always a good sign to me that I’m going well. I set off knowing I would have a good run and I think that’s half the battle.
I ate my peanut butter and jam sandwiches and 5 jelly babies. I did take a banana as well but dropped it somewhere along the route so didn’t get to eat that!
Once I was home I drank a strawberry milkshake with some rego recovery drink powder in as both Dr Irene and Cara recommend eating/drinking within 30mins of finishing a long run to help with recovery.
So here is a summary of my runs this week ….
Off to church now and then we are going to the Basketball tonight. Glasgow Rocks play Newcastle Eagles, who lead the table just 2pts ahead of the Rocks. Should be a great game.
15.21miles in 2hrs 35mins 16secs (10.13pace)
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