Tempo Run

Since last week’s tempo run I’ve been looking forward to trying to push the pace again. I’ve looked back on my records and last week’s 6.44pace for 10miles was my best for the last few years.

I also worked out that in 2009 I ran 2 tempo runs under 7min per mile pace and last year only 1. Already this year I have run 4 tempo runs at that pace. So using my tempo runs as an indicator then I’m at my fittest since I really started training for ultras four years ago.

So I set off today keen to push the pace right from the start. In my four weekly cycle I only do 2 tempo runs so I wouldn’t have the chance again for three weeks. Also with an eye on the Inverness half marathon I knew it would be good preparation.

I ran from Bellahouston Leisure Centre and had a rough idea of a 10mile circuit in my head. I knew that the second half was going to be a lot more up hill than the first so I decided to just have one goal today …. to see if I could run faster than last week.

Here is my route and elevation ….

I set off quite fast for the first mile before sesttling into a more even pace for the next 5 or so. The last four were harder work and I was pleased I was able to keep them all under 7min miles though I did have to work pretty hard.

So here are the splits ….

So I ran the 10miles in 1hr 6mins 51secs at 6.42pace. I was really happy with that though it did take it out of me.

So a couple of easy days tomorrow and Friday, then a rest on Saturday before a run on the Kilpatricks with Marco on Sunday. I hope the snow has gone by then!

We had a meeting today at work were we found out where we will be based from April (or May in my case). I’m going to be staying where I am which is really good news. I didn’t fancy having to move!
I also learnt today that I’ve won an award through work … but I’ll leave that for another post!!
10.03miles in 1hr 07mins 07secs (6.42pace)
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