Long run on the Kilpatricks

Marco was keen for an early start today so we met at the car park at 7am. Bob Souter joined us as well. I’ve not met Bob before so it was great to spend the run with him and get to know him better.
I knew that I had my work cut out today as both Marco and Bob are quality runners, whose natural pace is faster than mine. But I was keen to make sure I ran at my pace which I did.
I few times Marco and Bob ran ahead but kindly waited for me and we did run the majority of the run together.
Here is the route …

and the elevation …
There was a lot of snow on the hills but it wasn’t too thick and didn’t hinder our running too much. I did slip and fall a couple of times but it was a soft landing!
Here is a picture at the first trig point …
I was keen to keep working on my food so I ate a peanut butter and jam sandwich after an hour or so. It was harder going in the sluchy snow but we kept up a good pace.
Marco and Bob with Ben Lomond in the background ….
I ate a pot of beans on the way up the Whangie. They went down well so will be added to the list of ‘approved’ foods!
It was a bit slippy and wet coming down the Whangie so I took it cautiously.
Marco and I at the bottom of the Whangie …..
The last 5miles or so we ran at 9mins per mile pace and I felt really comfortable so that was a very encouraging finish to the run.
Here we are back at the car park …
We ran the 19 and a bit miles just over 3hrs 3omins at 11.03pace which was a few minutes faster than our January run.
Thanks for a great run Marco and Bob. See you next Sunday for our planned whw run Beinglas Farm to Kingshouse.
Here is a summary of my week …
19.11miles in 3hrs 31mins 00secs (11.03pace)
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