Plan for the week

My plan for this week is fairly simple. I’m having an easy week in the build up to Sunday’s long run on the whw.

I have four easy runs planned Monday to Thursday. Then I’ll have Friday and Saturday as rest days so I’m all ready for a good run on Sunday.

My long run on the whw is the most imporant run of the month so everything is fitted around that.

Between now and the whw race I have 5 long runs (over 30miles) planned for Feb, Mar (actually 3rd Apr), Apr (Fling) and May (2 day run).

On these 5 runs I want to finalise all my gear and nutrition as well as my pacing etc. When you look at it like this there is not long to go!

Today was the first of my easy runs. I’ve taken a half day off today as I’m covering a colleague tonight teaching some swimming lessons from 3pm.

So I ran at lunch time. It had been pretty wet and miserable all morning with some sleet. Thankfully the sleet had stopped but it was still raining.

Fortunately I’d brought my rain jacket and gloves and I needed them as it was quite cold. I decided on an 8mile loop and set off.

I was surprised with how well my legs felt after yesterday’s long run but I was keen not to push too hard. I decided not to look at my watch and just keep the pace easy.

The main point of interest on the run was when I went past Cow Glen Golf Course a truck went through a massive puddle and absolutely soaked me! If I wasn’t wet enough before that then I was well and truly wet after. Ah well it made the shower even better.

Finally congratulations to Josh and Laura who celebrate two years of marriage today!

Mon 21st Feb Run Details
8.10miles in 1hr 01min 19sec (7.35pace)

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2 Responses to Plan for the week

  1. Dam. When I saw the picture of Josh and Laura on the blog roll, I thought there was going to be a baby announcement!!

  2. Davie says:

    is there a Channel 4 update

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