Review of February

I was very happy with how quickly my legs seemed to recovery after Sunday’s long run. I rested yesterday and went for an easy run today.

My legs felt great, no soreness at all. I reckon my heart rate was a bit higher for the pace but it really good to be running so easily so soon after a long run.

So February has been another solid month of training. I ran 21 times for a total of 206.24 miles. I’ve had four weeks of 29.61, 55.81, 59.32 and 61.51miles.

I like the graphs that RunningAHEAD produces so here is one with all my February runs …

Here is a summary of the types of runs I’ve done over January and February ….

And finally a day by day breakdown with plan and actual runs …

Long Runs
These continue to be my key run each week. From now on I’m more concerned about my endurance than speed. So I’m happy with my three Sunday runs of 15miles, 19miles and 31miles.

Tempo Runs
I’ve done two 10mile tempo runs this month. On both of them I averaged under 6.45mins per mile which is the quickest I’ve done for quite a few years. Once the Inverness Half marathon is over I’ll do the odd tempo run but I’ll not be as concerned about the pace.

I had two good sessions this month. On one of them I went over the 5mile aim for the 30mins and the other I was just under. Again from now on I’m not so bothered about pushing as hard. I’ll keep doing them but it will be difficult to get more than two consequetive weeks so making it harder to really work on my speed.

Easy Runs
Plenty of easy runs at a sensible pace. Lots more of these to come!

I’m aiming to do 1-2 per month and keep working on my downhill technique and strengthening those downhill muscles.

So it’s been another really solid training month. I’m really happy to be running injury free. Long may it continue.

Now we are into March it really feels like we are building up to the real business of this year’s ultra races. I have one more long run (42miles on Sunday 3rd April) before the Highland Fling on Saturday 30th April.

Tues 1st Mar Run Details

5.72miles in 44mins 40secs (7.49pace)
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One Response to Review of February

  1. Thomas says:

    John, it is great to see you are progressing so well. I hope this will your best season ever!

    cu soon

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