Favourite Android apps??

Today I had an easy 7 mile recovery run on my training plan but the sun was shining, I was wearing a short sleeved t-shirt for the first time this year and before I knew it I’d covered the first 4miles at 7.11pace!

As it felt fairly easy I decided to keep going, finish the run and log it as a tempo run!
My mobile contract finishes half way through March so I decided to have a look at upgrading my phone. I’d looked into getting an iphone last year but didn’t think I could justify the price.
So I was quite surprised that the HTC Wildfire phone was only going to work out as £5 a month more than what I had for the last year once I’d bought the phone.
I’m loving the fact that I can get my emails on my phone plus access to the web wherever I am. I know most people have had this ability for ages but I’m just catching up!
I’ve downloaded a few apps including Cricket World Cup updates, Premier League Scores, Maps, BBC Sport, Facebook, Twitter, UK news, NIV Bible, MapMyRun and AccuWeather.
But I was wondering whether anyone has any favourites they reckon I should get? I assume the same apps are on iphones?
Finally I’m reliably informed (thanks Debs) that the supplement with my photo and award is in tomorrow’s Evening Times. I’ll be buying a few!
Thurs 3rd March Run Details
7.13miles in 51mins 26secs (7.13pace)
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3 Responses to Favourite Android apps??

  1. Robert says:

    I have using SportPal on my HTC Magic for the last year and half and would recommend it. SportPal tracks runs via the phones GPS, and then uploads them online so I can keep track of weekly and monthly totals, speeds, compare routes etc.

    gStrings is one I'd also recommend if you want to tune an musical instrument.

  2. Colin Hardie says:

    Sky+ (if you have Sky it allows you to set things to record remotely), Flixter Movies, Soundhound, Google Goggles, Google Sky Map, 3g watchdog…..all apps that I find useful!

  3. Cricket?? Are you serious?

    I'll get my ET from the vendor (not Ray McKirdy) on the way home.

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