Evening Times Award

I couldn’t fit in a run at lunch time today so needed to run after work when I got home. Normally I find running after work on a Friday hard both physically and mentally but tonight I decided to do another sweat test and it somehow made it easier.
As I needed to run for an hour I just got on with it and decided to spend the run thinking about the Inverness Half Marathon that Katrina and I are doing a week on Sunday.
An email arrived with this week with details of the race including our numbers (KK – 504 JK – 505). It also gave a picture of the course so I spent the time thinking about where I’d like to be and what time I should be aiming for.
Anyway the run was a lot easier than I anticipated. I ran 5 of my big loops and a bit more to make the hour. I took my weight before and after the run and worked out that my sweat rate doubled from a few weeks ago when I did it.
It was a little warmer and I did run faster but I probably need to do a few more to get an idea of what is going on.

The Glasgow Evening Times had the supplement with all the award winners of the Glas-Goals campaign they have been running. Here is a picture of my picture!

7.42miles in 1hr 00mins 10secs (8.07pace)

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