Well done Laura …

Yesterday Laura (our daughter) ran the Nigel Barge 10k. It’s the second 10k she’s run and Laura was very pleased to finish in 54mins 19secs, a new pb! It’s a hilly little course so well done to Laura.
Here is a picture (taken by Kenneth Phillips) near the start. Laura is number 2.

This morning I was keen to do a tempo run with the Inverness Half Marathon a week away. I decided to run 8miles with a 1mile warm up, 6mile tempo run and a 1mile cool down.
I’ve been thinking about what pace I want to aim for next Sunday and I would love to get under 1hr 30mins which is 6.53 pace.
So I decided to make sure I ran under that pace but suspected I might go a bit quicker and that was how it worked out.
Here are the figures …
I did push the pace and I don’t think I’ll be able to maintain that pace for 13.1miles but maybe I can get nearer to 6.45pace which would get me home around 1hr 28mins 30secs. We’ll see next Sunday.
I plan one more tempo run on Wednesday when I’ll have a go at running 6-7miles at 6.45pace and see how I feel.
So it’s been another good recovery week. Here is a summary of my week ….
8.06miles in 55mins 48secs
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