Half Marathon’s

Initially when I decided to run the Inverness Half Marathon I decided that I wouldn’t change my training plan for the week as my ultra races are more important than tapering down for a Half Marathon.

Now that it is a few days away I think I will change things a bit but not much. So I stayed with my fartlek run tonight, run an easy run tomorrow and will do a tempo run on Wednesday aiming at race pace for 7miles.

But Thursday/Friday I’ll do a couple of very easy runs and I’ll proabably not go as far as I’d planned.

I’m quite interested to see what I can do a half marathon in these days. I didn’t run any last year and in 2009 I only did the Heaven & Hell Half Marathon which has a very, very 2mile steep uphill after 7miles.

When I was in my mid-twenties the half marathon was my favourite distance and I regularly ran them in around 1hr 20mins.

My personal best occurred in October 1984 when I ran the Charnwood Half Marathon in 1hr 16mins 22secs. I remember the race well. It was a two lap course and I’d done a marathon in the summer and knew I was running strongly. I set off steady and pushed the second lap catching a few runners to finish 3rd and win a small cup!

Interestingly my age graded percentage for that race is 77.50% and to equal that percentage as a 51 yr old on Sunday I’d need to finish in 1hr 27mins 00secs. Can’t see that happening!

Here is a list of all my half marathons …..

Anyway on to tonight. It was my first Fartlek session for a two weeks as my long run had taken priority. The session Derek gave us added up to 32mins so I was hopeful of going over 5miles!

We had a small but fast group tonight including Hayley Haining. I ran the whole session with Lindsay and we pushed each other hard right throughout the session.
I knew I’d run pretty fast (for me) and was pleased with the figures …

So even if you took off the final 2mins it still came to 5.19miles. My best fartlek session this year and probably one of my best for the past few years.

Mon 7th March Run Details
10.32miles in 1hr 18mins 57secs
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9 Responses to Half Marathon’s

  1. I can't see why being 51 should slow you down !

  2. Grellan says:

    With a farlek session like that I can't see why 1:27 isn't achievable?

  3. Andy Cole says:

    Good luck in the race John, I think anything around 1:30 would be pretty impressive.(How to you calculate an age-related percentage?)

  4. Thanks Andy

    There are lots on the web that will calculate your age graded performance.

    I've found an app I can use on my new phone!

    Here is one …..


    I'm sure you will be in the 80% range!

  5. Robert says:

    Looking at your tempo runs and farlek sessions I'd say sub 1:30 is certainly on. I don't know if the course if hilly, but if it isn't and the weather is good, then I wouldn't be too surprised if you could go comfortably below 1:30 – you might just surprise yourself 😉

    Back in November I did my first half marathon race since I was a teenager and would have been happy with a 1:35 time given my training beforehand. With the flat course at Buchlyvie and perfectly still and cool conditions I ended up completing completing it in 1:28:57.

    I was left completely puzzled by how I could run 20 to 30 second/mile faster in a half marathon than the 8 mile tempo runs in the run up. I kept checking the clock and my phone GPS recording of the race and they were all consistent, but still I couldn't quite believe I'd run that fast. I just seemed to run the perfect race that day.

    5 months on my pace on my 6 to 9 mile tempo runs faster by around 5%, and conicidentally is not far of your own tempo paces, between 6:43 and 7:11 depending on how hilly the course is. Given that I'm faster than I was when I did 1:28:57, and your tempo pace looks to be a tad faster than mine right now… given the perfect race I know I'd beat this, and I'd say it'd be no strech to suggest that you could do to 🙂

  6. Richard says:


    Those are very impressive half marathon stats. I wish I could reach anything close to that. (1h28 for the first half of the paris marathon 2010 is my best time…).

    Good luck for the race!!


  7. I'm impressed with your record or races. I can't even remember my last half marathon time 🙂

    Nice to see you today.

    Good luck on Sunday.

  8. Colin Knox says:

    Good luck to you and Katrina in Inverness Half….its a great race and a brilliant goody bag at the end!!…Done this done in 2009 and 2010, wish i was doing this yr but got the d33 6 days after it. Hope you both enjoy and get better weather than i got doing it.

    Colin K

  9. Anonymous says:

    great fartlek workout John, your turning yourself into a rocket!!

    this is a kind of guess the time quote i think 1hr26 and a crumb.

    good luck in Inversnecky.

    Happy running
    Mark Caldwell

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