Tempo run at race pace

I took a day off today as we were having our bedroom floor laminated after some storm damage. Thankfully the insurance are paying for it.

So I had time to get out for a run after lunch.
Hopefully the Inverness Half Marathon will go ahead on Sunday but it must be in doubt due to the weather. Jo, our daughter, who lives in Inverness sent a text this morning saying they had 4 inches of snow last night! But another one this afternoon said it’s all gone now so hopefully we’ll be able to run.
I decided to run for about 9miles, aiming to do the middle 6 miles at 6.45pace and see how I felt.
The first few miles were comfortable at that pace but then the second three were right into the wind and I was definitely working harder to stay under 6.50 pace.
So that’s my last hard run before Sunday. I’m planning two very easy runs over the next two days so hopefully I’ll be raring to go come 1pm Sunday afternoon. I’m not sure Katrina is looking forward to it as much as me!
9.06miles in 1hr 24mins 05secs
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4 Responses to Tempo run at race pace

  1. GaryB says:

    Wish i could get off work to come along to watch. I love this race well organises and ive always felt it was surprisingly faster than it looks. Any race time predictions?

  2. Colin Knox says:

    Hi John, when i ran it in 2009 the start was delayed due to snow and they were nearly cancelling it as we all hung about waiting. It was still snowing when we eventually got the go ahead. Last year it was Sub zero temps with high winds. You would think by now they would think about moving it to July or August!!

    Good luck and wrap up!

    Colin K

  3. Anonymous says:

    How about one of your “Guess-my-time” competitions, John? (To the nearest second, of course)

    Murdo tM

  4. Billy says:


    According to the WAVA tables, a 1:27 HM is equivalent to about a39:40 10k, and you've proved in the last couple of years that this sort of time is well within your grasp. So I reckon a WAVA PB could be on the cards for Saturday if you have a good run and favourable conditions. Good luck!


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