Inverness Half Marathon – Pre Race

Katrina travelled up to Inverness on Friday night by megbabus to spend the weekend with Jo & Jono.

I drove up yesterday afternoon after my swimming lessons. The roads were fine up until about 60miles to Inverness when there was more snow but still no problems.

Jo & Jono stay in Westhill which is quite high up overlooking Inverness and there is a lot of snow here. From what I read on Facebook there is some snow in Inverness but hopefully the race is going ahead.

I’m planning to go down to register at 10am, then come back to the flat before going down at 12noon in time for the race.

Thanks to those who entered my ‘Guess My Time’ Competition. Here is a list of the entries …..

They all may be a bit optimistic given the weather but I’ll try my best!

Last minute enties (before the 11am cut off!) from …

Alison Beattie 1:32:00
Jay Lennartson 1:32:08

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