Best Half Marathon ever?

An email arrived this morning from which had some photos of us finishing the race on Sunday. I don’t think I’ll buy any though!

I didn’t think we’d have the ones of Katrina finishing as she had her number on her t-shirt underneath her jacket! My fault really as she wanted to start in her jacket but I thought she’d probably take it off half way round so suggested she had her number inside ready. But she never took the jacket off!
But you can search for colour of top (red) and tights (black) and I found some of Katrina …
I reckon she’s looking good after 13.1miles!

As is my style I’ve been thinking about the half marathon and I wondered where it stood in my list. In time wise it ranks as my 13th fastest but if you do it on the age graded percentage then it is my BEST ever!

Here is a list of my top 10 half marathon ranked it age graded percentage…

According to the age graded charts my 1hr 25mins 38secs as a 51yr old is equivalent to a 1hr 15mins 05secs open age. So I’m running better now than I did in my mid-twenties!!

Today I went out for another easy run at lunchtime. It was snowing the whole time but as the ground was wet it wasn’t sticking. It was quite cold though so I wore my jacket, gloves and head band and ran a bit quicker than planned to stay warm!

When I set out my training plan I didn’t have the half marathon in the schedule so this week was planned as a normal hard week. I’ve decided to ease off a little bit as I don’t want to do anything silly.

Tomorrow I’m planning to do a tempo run but I think I’ll make it easier by doing one mile easy one hard for 8-9miles or an easy mile followed by 2-3 faster ones repeated three times. I’ll see how I feel.

The key run for the week will be Sunday when I’m joining my friend Stevie on his 50th birthday run on the Kilpatricks. It also happens to be my birthday so it will be a double birthday run!

Tues 15th Mar Run Details

5.62miles in 42mins 34secs (7.35pace)
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3 Responses to Best Half Marathon ever?

  1. Thomas says:

    A 78.85% rating is quite phenomenal. Certainly higher than anything I have ever produced!

    And imagine, you'd be even faster if you actually trained for that kind of sprint distance …

  2. I thought I might have seen you yesterday lunchtime, as I did the same route as last week. It was pretty chilly, wasn't it?

    Impressive spreadsheet. Other than my marathon time, I couldn't tell you my PB for any distance. I always have to go dig about for race results 🙂

  3. Robert says:

    It's great to see you topping your best age graded results set when you were in peak speed wise.

    I'm curious about your age graded results for other distances, and which of these looks to be your strongest.

    I am also curious about how the % rating for ultra's looks to be far harder to obtain than short distances. Even the marathon it's pretty tough to get within 50% of the time of the world record, yet to get within 50% of the 100m record is something that many runners can achieve. Is it that a fast pace for endurance races is far harder to train for than face pace for sprints? Might genetics and upbringing have a big baring on this greater variation too?

    This does make me wonder if anyone has mapped the times to percentage of the population that can achieve each time. This would might give you a better indication of runners achievements relative to the wider population rather than the best runners in history.

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