The difference a day makes

Yesterday I ran in the sleet and rain with my jacket, gloves and headband on. Today I ran home from work wearing a short sleeved t-shirt in the sunshine. I will run in any and all weathers but I know what I prefer.

I wanted to do some sort of tempo session but suspected that my legs would protest if I tried to run more than 1 mile at any sort of pace. So I decided to run my easy, hard miles.
I was aiming for around 7.45pace for the easy ones and under 6.45pace for the hard ones. As you can see I achieved my goal ….
So a good compromise today. Some speed work but not prolonged and plenty of easy miles.
I wonder what the weather will be like for my run back into work tomorrow?
9.18miles in 1hr 06mins 23secs
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One Response to The difference a day makes

  1. So, what weather do you prefer? I'd take cold and rain over heat and sunshine anyday! Although yesterday was just perfect. Nice and fresh and sunny. Bliss.

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