Birthday Run with Stevie

Even though it’s my birthday today the birthday run was actually Stevie’s but it was not his birthday today!

Stevie turned 50 a few weeks ago and wanted to have a run on the Kilpatricks to celebrate. Today was the day he arranged so it was a double birthday run.

I drove over to Stevie’s house in Erskine on my bike for 8.30am. We left my bike in his lock up and drove over to Clydebank where we met Donald P and Davie. Donald K and G had decided to run part of the route.

I’ve been up on the Kilpatrick’s three times over the past few months with Marco but we ran a very different route this time.

Here is the map of our route (we ran clockwise) ….

We came together and parked at a farm up the hill.

Here is the six of us as we set off in the mist …
Me, Donald K, Tom, Stevie, Davie and Donald P

Donald K and Tim ran with us for the first couple of hours, then headed down leaving Stevie, Davie, Donald P and myself to complete the route.
We ran a route which linked together 8 trig points and Donald decided that we each had to stand on each one … a task which got harder as the run went on.
It was a tough run through loads of soft, wet heather but we made it all the way round in 5hrs 50mins with just over an hour for stops.
I took lots of video clips which I’ll be putting together for Stevie as a reminder of his birthday run.
21.96miles in 5hrs 53mins 37secs
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One Response to Birthday Run with Stevie

  1. Happy Birthday John,Best wishes

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