Comparing Kilpatrick runs

For most of the time on Sunday I didn’t really know where I was on the Kilpatrick Hills especially over the first few hours when we couldn’t see more than 20 yards in the mist.

So I was intrigued to put the data from my garmin onto a map and compare it with my runs with Marco on the same area.

Initially I wasn’t sure how to put two routes on the same map but thankfully
have an option to compare routes so it wasn’t difficult at all.

So here are the two routes. Marco’s route starts at the bottom of the map. Both routes were run clockwise.

So in actual fact we didn’t overlap much at all. It’s no wonder I didn’t recognise where I was …. I’d not been there before!

Marco asked me which was the better run. I reckon that Marco’s route is far better for training in that the majority of the route is runnable on paths and trails and so better preparation for the whw.

Donald/Stevie’s route was far more difficult underfoot as we were going from one trig point to the next. For anyone interested here are the eight trig points we visited and stood on …..

Today I ran home from work and decided to stick with my planned tempo session. I used the first mile as a warm up and then upped the pace for the next 7miles before using the final mile and a bit as a cool down.

It felt quite a tough run as the majority of it was into the wind. The 5mile of the tempo was particularly tough but I was pleased I was able to raise the effort again for the final two miles.
My new garmin was, well, just like the old one really but I do have sound now if I want it, which I don’t for the majority of my runs.
Wed 23rd Mar Run Details
9.54miles in 1hr 06mins 12secs
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