Home from Perth

I had a really good day watching the 100k and 50k races at Perth. I took loads of video clips so I’ll be putting that together in the next day or two.
Congratulations to all who ran especially the Scottish team. The Men won the team competition with some very impressive performances.
Here is a photo taken just before the 7am start. Sorry about the quality … it was very misty.

For this who didn’t get my updates … some results …
Craig Stewart 1st in 7.01.36
Grant Jeans 5th in around 7.11
Thomas Loehndorf 9th in 7.42.25
Paul Hart 20th in 8.19.50
George Cairns 21st in 8.26.30
Gail Murdoch finished next – not sure time or position
Debs ‘I’m never doing this again’ Martin-Consani 29th in 9.03.09
Pauline Walker finished well but didn’t get time or place – sorry
Sadly Sharon Law had to drop out with illness. Aileen Scott also withdrew.
The 5ok race was won by Jack Brown with Gavin Hardie 2nd. Kate Jenkins who the women’s race. I didn’t get their times.
Ian Beattie and Sandra McDougal had good races.
Congratulations to all who ran and did so well. I felt proud to be Scottish!!!!!
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5 Responses to Home from Perth

  1. Lee Maclean says:

    Was it Gavin Hardie, or Harvie?


  2. Not sure?? Can anyone help?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, John, for the updates on twitter during the race!
    Much appreciated !!!

    Maya & Jens

  4. Fiona Rennie says:

    Misuss Metronome ran 9.49.52 and was happy with her “training” run.

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