In two minds

I had a day off work today (and tomorrow) as I needed to take 7 days holiday between January and the end of March when my present contract finishes. I had 2 days left so decided to take them!

I caught myself a couple of times today thinking, ‘My legs feel really good after an ultra’ only to remember that I didn’t run it. I was just supporting! I doubt that Debs and the other runners are feeling the same.

Running 62 or 31miles on the tarmac around a 1.5mile flat route is not a good recipe for a quick recovery.

I enjoyed putting the video together and hopefully it’s a good reminder of the race.

I’m looking forward to my long run on Sunday with Ross. We are running 42miles from Tyndrum to Fort William though I think we’ll have to use the alternative route from Lundavra as I’m told (thanks Peter) that the whw route is still closed.

Anyway I have an easy week planned so I’m ready for Sunday’s run. I went to the club but I was in two minds as to whether to do the Fartlek session or just go for a steady 8miler.

In the end I decided to do the session as my legs felt good and there was a good group of us so I could take it easier if I wanted to without being left behind.

It was another one of Derek’s interesting sessions with 5 lots of 1min 45min then 3min 15min with 5 lots of 1min runs at the end.

I took it steady on the way out and then pushed harder on the way in. I was quite surprised when I looked at the figures to see I’d run over 5miles for the 30mins ….

One of the highlights was keeping up with Haley Haining for the final 3mins 15sec run! We had some quality female runners tonight with Haley, Lindsay and a new girl Gemma who has ran a sub 3hr marathon.
So I’m glad I did the session as it gave an indication that I’ve recovered from the half marathon and Stevie’s birthday run!

9.98miles in 1hr 19mins 37secs
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