Review of March

An easy run after work today. I had thought about running before work but I was glad I waited as it was nice and sunny though windy by the time I ran at 4.30pm.

Today was my last day at work until Tuesday 3rd May when I start my new contract with Glasgow City Council. I have some swimming lesson lined up but not that much really so it looks like I’ll have to do some work in the garden instead.

As I review March it has been a funny month in many ways as I’ve had to change a few things due to various commitments. The main changes were as follows …

# I swapped my long 42mile run from Sunday 27th March to this Sunday 3rd April as we are going to Dave & Lee’s engagement party in Tyndrum and it made more sense to combine the two. It does mean running 42miles AFTER the party so it’s just as well I don’t drink! A bonus of this change was that I could watch the 100k/50k races in Perth last weekend.

# I decided to run the Inverness Half Marathon on Sunday 13th March instead of my planned 15mile off road run. I then needed a few easy days rather than my planned fartlek and faster tempo.

# I ran with Stevie and friends on the Kilpatricks for his birthday run. This ended up as a 22mile 6hr run over tough terrain. Again I needed a few days to recover. This meant that I had to change a few things to include some more rest days and some easier runs. I think it was important that I was flexible to do so.

So here is a summary of my runs during March ….

Here is the breakdown of the types of runs I’ve done in 2011 ….

And no review is complete without a graph or two …

Runs in March (even though it says February!)….

Summary of all my runs Jan-Mar week by week …

Overall I’m happy with my progress in March and in fact all year so far. The Half Marathon was a real bonus as I ran faster and stronger than I’d planned. It gave me a boost to know I’m in decent shape.

I ran on 23 days for a total of 194.61miles. The reason it was below the 230 I had originally planned was that my long run of the month has been moved to the first weekend in April.

The priority over the next few months is my long runs as I prepare for the Fling and whw races.

I have 42miles planned for this Sunday, then 4 weeks later the 53mile Fling race. Then 3 weeks later I have my two day (75miles) training run on the whw. Then 4 weeks to recover and taper for the whw race.

It really feels like the business end of the season. My plan is to get to the start line of the whw race as healthy and as fit as I can and then see what happens.

5.07miles in 39mins 06secs (7.43pace)

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