Comparing long runs

I had a rest day from running yesterday but went for an easy swim which was good for the legs.
Today I went out for a very easy 5miler at lunchtime. I wore my jacket as it was drizzling but more importantly it stops me from running too fast.
My legs felt really good and it was encouraging to be running a couple of days after Sunday’s long run. Katrina woke up with sore quads today after her whw run. Welcome to DOMS Katrina!
One of the goods things about keeping detailed training records and writing a blog is being able to compare training runs. I’m now into my fifth year of running ultra marathons and have five years worth of data to look at and compare.
When I was running with Ross on Sunday I was encouraging him with the fact that I’m running at a similar pace in my training runs now as I was in 08 and 09 when I broke 20hrs for the whw.
I know that Ross is running stronger than I am so reckon he, too, should be aiming for at least sub 20hrs and Mark … well sub 19.30 if not sub 19!
So looking back over the last five years of doing this Tyndrum to Fort William run ….

It is interesting to see the difference running with and without support makes. In 08 and 09 we had friends meeting us at various places so we didn’t need to carry as much gear. In those two years I was 15-20mins quicker.
I always try to run these training runs as comfortable as possible without feeling as though I’m racing or trying to push the pace. I find it amazing just how similar my training pace is year on year.
Here is a more detailed breakdown of this training run over the last two years …
This year we weren’t able to run from Lundavra to Fort William due to the path being closed but my time to Lundavra is within a minute of each other. In 2010 I ran with Sharon and this year with Ross.
So with 4 weeks to go before the Fling and 11 weeks before the whw races I’m happy with my training and overall fitness.
Last year after this run in February I had a fall (tripped over a wheel rim left on the ground), breaking a couple of ribs and missing 2-3 of training which was a real pain in more ways than one!
So I’m hoping that I can stay injury free and get to start line of the Fling and whw in the best shape I can. That’s not as easy as it sounds.
I’ve had messages from a couple of friends this week who have picked up injuries. I hope they, and anyone else who is struggling with various niggles, a speedy recovery. I know how frustrating it can be.
5.27miles in 41mins 41secs (7.55pace)
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