Trying a new feature on Garmin

For my easy run at lunch time today I decided to try out a feature on my Garmin watch that I new was there but I’ve never tried.

I saved yesterday’s run by going to Training – Courses – Create New – then from the History page select my run from yesterday and give it a name – for me Run Canal.
Then today I went Training – Courses – Select Run Canal – Do Course
As well as the normal three screens with information about the run there are now lots more with a virtual runner so I can compare how I’m getting on in relation to yesterday’s run, a route profile, a simple map of the course to follow, a compass with arrow to follow and a screen with four segments to show me how far to go etc.
This is the route I ran ….

I really liked the following screen as it gives you a compass to follow, plus telling you how far to go and time to run. Sorry that the pictures are a bit blurry but hopefully you can get the idea.
The route profile is also helpful showing where you are (black dot) in comparison to the last time (clear dot). As you can see I was a bit faster today!

I wanted to test what would happen if I went off course so instead of turning right to finish off the run on our road I carried on running. Within a few seconds the watch bleeped and this message came up …
Saying Off Course. You can also see the arrow pointing back the way I came. Excellent.
Once I finished the run it told me I’d finished!

Obviously I know this route but it would be really helpful to be able to upload a race route and then follow it on my Garmin. I’m going to give it a try at some point!
I just wish I’d tried this out before last year’s Hardmoors 55 race. I mightn’t have got lost then!
My new contract from Glasgow City Council arrived in the post today. I start again on Tues 3rd May …. a few days after the Fling Race.
5.32miles in 41mins 40secs (7.51pace)
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3 Responses to Trying a new feature on Garmin

  1. Just think how rested you will be before the Fling. I might send Cairn over for a couple of weeks 🙂

  2. David Egan says:

    I almost always create a course for every event now (or get one online from a previous event) even if I still use a map or know the route. It is great to double check that I’m on course. It may only be a line on the watch to follow but it is always very easy to follow and I find it more reliable than a map (if I get the route correct on the computer… not always so). When it gets dark and I get tired from a whole day of running, the map is always discarded and I just follow that line.

    I find that using various software packages to create a course, such as Google Earth and Memory Map allows me to visualise the route before ever setting foot on it. I can set the pace of the visual partner so I can give a push if I fall behind schedule.

    I still prefer to run without any technology because when it goes wrong I end up just getting annoyed, but my Garmin has saved me more times than I can remember.

  3. Johann says:

    That's quite nifty features the Garmin has. I'm still Garmin/GPS gadgetless. Don't know if my brain can handle all of that while I'm running. I suppose I'll have to give in and get one eventually.

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