Preparing for the Highland Fling

Another easy run today. Interestingly I’ve ran slightly quicker each day at the same perceived effort.

As I ran I was thinking about my plans for the next three weeks before the Highland Fling Race.
My main goal or ‘A’ race this year is the West Highland Way Race (95miles) in June but the Fling (53miles), The Devil o’ the Highlands Race (42miles) in August and the River Ayr Race (41miles) in September are only just behind it in importance.
My plan set out at the beginning of the year for the next three weeks was …
I think I will basically keep to this but I would like to do at least one Fartlek session on Monday 18th April and at least one Tempo session on either/or both Wednesdays. I’ll see how I feel just how hard I push.
I’m going to keep to my Sunday runs and even reduce it by a mile or two if I want. I feel I’ve worked hard (for me) over the past three months averaging around 50miles per week.
The key thing now is not doing anything silly and getting to the start line fit, healthy and raring to go. I’m going to meet with Cara to chat about my nutrition plans for the Fling as I think that will be a key part of my preparation and race.
5.69miles in 43mins 02secs (7.34pace)
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