Another week ticked off

I finished my easy week with a slightly longer easy run.

I left the house on 8am and as I ran the day warmed up and it felt great to be out running in the sun. I’m told it won’t be as warm tomorrow so it was good to make the most of it.
I started very comfortably for the first 3miles or so then gradually increased the pace but made sure my breathing was comfortable. No need to push today.
So that’s another week of my 2011 training diary completed. A sensible week after last Sunday’s 41miler on the whw.
Congratulations to those who ran the Glasgow to Edinburgh double marathon yesterday. I’ve not seen the official results but I assume Grant Jeans won. Ian B said he was 50yards ahead after the first 100yards!
Looking forward to the rest of the day. We are off to church in a few minutes. I’ve not been for a few weeks due to various (mainly running) commitments so it will be good to show our faces.
Then at 5pm we are off to watch Glasgow Rocks Basketball team play Milton Keynes Lions in the last game of the season with Neal & Caroline. Should be a good game as the Rocks need to win to make the play-offs.
Then home just in time to watch the final round of the Masters where I really hope Rory McIlroy can win his first green jacket.
8.38miles in 1hr 04mins 17secs (7.41pace)
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