Guess My Time Competition

Another lovely day in Paisley. This time the weather stayed nice for the whole run. A steady 6.5miles.

With just over 17 days to go before my first ultra race of the season it’s time to open up my ‘traditional’ Guess my Time competition. For those new to this I started this five years ago before my first ultra race, Highland Fling 2007, as a bit of fun.

The idea is you have to guess in hours, minutes and seconds how long you think it will take me to run the 53mile ultra race from Milngavie to Tydnrum on Saturday 30th April.
To give you an idea I’ve run the race four times and here are my times ….
Last year I struggled a fair bit so hope to go under 10hrs again but you just never know in a race this length. What will the weather be like? Will I get my pace right over the first 10-15miles? Will I be able to finish strongly from Beinglas Farm?
So if you want to take part send me your guess by …
1. Leaving a comment on this page
2. Text – 07905 218162
3. Facebook – jkynaston
4. Twitter – jkynaston
5. Email –
6. House phone – 0141 8848282
7. In person
There is a small prize for the closest guess but the real glory is getting on to my ‘Guess My Time’ Hall of fame!!!!!!!!!!!
You have until 12noon on Friday 29th April 2011 to send in your guess.
6.53miles in 50mins 25secs (7.44pace)
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18 Responses to Guess My Time Competition

  1. Billy says:

    John, I was going to enter by fax but you haven't left a number.

  2. John says:

    Hi John,

    I'll would say 10 hours round would be a nice finish time this year!

    Good luck,

    John Dingelstad

  3. Peter Duggan says:

    If I might be permitted a cheeky, 'floating' guess (going to take it anyway whether I'm allowed or not), I'd have to say 'the same as me', and good luck/well done to you if you're quicker than that!

  4. Peter Halpin says:

    9hrs 49min 46sec, jogging for jesus

  5. Mark Caldwell says:

    MMmmmmmm 9h32m59.85sec. Because you know you can and want to!!!!!

    Good luck and happy running

  6. Tim Donell says:

    its got to be 9.44.09 surely

  7. Thomas says:

    It's time for a PB John: 9:29:59!

    Good luck and see you in Milngavie,


  8. Keith says:

    9.46.10 John

    Good luck and may the running gods be with you.

  9. I was going to say the same as the CG. I'm going for 9:28:59, because I know you can!!

  10. UltraStu says:

    Hi John

    Based on your recent half marathon time I am confident that you will smash your Highland Fling PB. But how much will you improve your time by???

    If we apply the Andy Cole formula based on your 2009 West Highland Way time then you would run 9:06:20. However, as it appears that you are running better this year than 2009, combined with the fact that you are now a few years wiser, I expect that you will run quicker than 9:06:20.

    My guess for your 2011 Highland Fling time is therefore 8:59:59. All dependent upon you adjusting your self expectations, Time to accept that you perform better with experience.

    See you in two weeks,


  11. Thomas says:


    You're in good shape!

  12. Billy says:

    Glad you didn't call my bluff about the fax – don't. Knowif we've even got a machine at work any more.
    You're in good shape, forecast is favourable for Saturday – I predict a smashed PB – 9:22:27. Good luck!


  13. Santababy says:

    9.38.51 Good luck John!

  14. Anonymous says:

    9:54:23 Good Luck JoeS

  15. Mary Clare says:

    I'm going to guess 9hrs51.24! Good luck 🙂

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