Tempo Run

I decided to make this my last faster run before the Fling. Like most runners I find it hard to know exactly what to do during the last week or two before an ultra race.

I feel I’m getting better at this taper stuff over the last year or so and realise that the real training has been done (or not) and it’s a case of trying to not do anything silly and get to the start line refreshed and ready to go.
One of the things I like to do is a faster session about 10days before the race so decided to push the pace today with a tempo run. I feel it gives me a boost to know I’m running well without tiring me out too much.
I didn’t want to go as far as last week so settled on a mile warm up, 6 mile tempo run and a mile cool down.
I ran on the cycle track and it was a lovely day for running with little wind. It was pretty warm and I was definitely in need of a shower when I got home!
Here are my splits …
From now until the Fling I’ll be running every other day. On Friday I’m taking Katrina on a gentle run around my Braes loop. Katrina had some trail shoes for her birthday recently and wants to try them out. I’ve told her they will get dirty but she doesn’t want to spoil them so we’ll see what state they are in at the end of the run!
Today is our daughter Laura’s 21st birthday. We had a lovely meal last night with Laura and Josh and Josh’s family.
So Happy Birthday to Laura. Have a great day!!
8.05miles in 56mins 13secs
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One Response to Tempo Run

  1. Mark Caldwell says:

    The same problem for me , what do you do when you are supposed to be tapering.
    Along comes a club race or like this weekend RunBalmoral who are accepting entries on the day for the half M. My gut feeling it would be rude not go :o) and call it a 'sharpener' for the Fling (only an excuse?). So many races and types of training runs at whatever distance tickles your fancy. Another difficulty is the fact i like running whenever I can and there is definitely a gap (endorphin or otherwise) when I don't.
    But do I over train? I'm not banging in 100 mile weeks, and I'm not winning any races either [insert laughter]. But I'm not constantly fighting off injuries either, touch wood. It's a good job there's nothing beyond the 'Ultra' to train for!.

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