Another run with Katrina

Katrina has entered the Troon 10k on Wednesday 4th May and wanted to run the distance as a training run. I wanted to make sure I ran nice and easy so we decided to run together again.
Katrina took me on on of her routes which is basically two 3mile loops put together. It was a lovely afternoon and fun to run together again. In lots of ways it’s a shame that Katrina has just discovered how much she enjoys running over the past year or two. But better late than never.
I was encouraging Katrina to run the first 3 miles at a comfortable pace and then run the second 3miles at race pace but in the end we ran the whole thing at 8.35pace. We covered 6.2 miles (10k) in 52mins 59secs.
I reckon Katrina has a really good run at Troon in her. The training she did for her half marathon will really help her to maintain the pace right to the end. I’m expecting great things but please don’t tell her I said so! She doesn’t like me putting any pressure on her!!
The only disadvantage of running with Katrina is getting told off for spitting and clearing my nose!!! I’ll have to start running with a hanky.
Finally I came across this short video of Jez Bragg. It’s a great little video with some really helpful advice on training and running ultras. Well worth a look if you’ve not seen it ….
6.34miles in 54mins 19secs (8.35pace)
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One Response to Another run with Katrina

  1. Caroline says:

    Good luck for Sunday John. See you then. Caroline

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