Fling Entries

My penultimate run before Saturday’s Fling. Another sunny day in Paisley. I spent the run thinking about my preparation for the race. Stuart Mills is staying with us on Friday night so that will be great.
I honestly don’t feel I could have done any more in my preparation and I wouldn’t change anything so I feel as ready as I could be. I have no niggles and feel positive about the race.
The entries for Saturday’s Montane Highland Fling closed last Friday. There are 451 entered to run the individual race as well as 40 relay teams. Numbers have been allocated. I’m number 721.
According to my ‘unofficial’ results I reckon 175 runners have run the race at least once which means 276 are running the race for the first time. Or at least are attempting to finish it for the first time.
I have merged together my ‘unofficial’ pb times with the starters list. If like me you quite like to see who is running and what times they have run before have a look at my spreadsheet. You can sort any of the columns.
The other list I’m interested in is the race within a race in my age group (MV50). Here are the runners and riders for Super Vets (50-60 year olds) ….

I’m sitting 2nd in the list best time wise but there are some very good over 50 runners who haven’t run before so it should be a good race. To be honest I’ll be running my own race and I’ll have a look after Beinglas Farm as to where I am position wise. I don’t want to get involved in a race too early trying to run at someone else’s pace.
The most important thing to me is my time. My race position is a extra. At the beginning of the year I set out my goals and one of them was to run sub 10hrs for the Fling, sub 20hrs for the whw and sub 7hrs for the Devils. So my primary goal is to get under 10hrs so I’m on target for the year.
The other interesting list is those who have run the most Flings. There are three who have run all five Flings so far and have entered this year – Ellen (who also helps organise the race), Ian B and Ian R. So congrats to them.
Then there are a group of us who have run four races and a bunch more who have done three races….

If you want to enter my ‘Guess My Time’ competition you have until 12noon on Friday. I have 38 entries so far.
Finally Hollie has sent some picture from Ghana. She’s having a great time and decided to get her hair braided. Here are some pictures …
5.23miles in 40mins 52secs (7.49pace)
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  1. Thomas says:

    Your blog just would not be the same without all those spreadsheets (and videos).

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