Final run before the Fling

With less than 2 days to go before the Fling I went out for a very gentle run on Brodie Park. My aim was to imagine I was running the first 4 miles or so on Saturday, aiming for around 8.50pace.

I accomplished that and it was good to get a feel of what my breathing should be like at that pace. To be honest I felt like a coiled spring … ready to go!

Murdo asked about goals for the race. I posted them at the beginning of the year and there is a link down the right hand column but here they are ….

I think everything is in place for the race. I just need to make up my milk jelly, mashed potato and milk shake and I’ll be there. I was wondering how I could keep my milk shake cool so decided to freeze it and then it will defrost during the day before I need it. I tried it last night to see if it would defrost in time.
It will be another early start on Saturday. Thankfully I only live 25mins away from Milngavie so can stay at home the night before. Colin Knox has kindly offered a lift to the start and Tim Downie is going to leave his car at our house and share a lift as well.
I must admit I like the early start. You get up, have some breakfast, travel to Milngavie and before you know it you’re off and running.
Katrina has volunteered to help with the timing at the finish so I’m looking forward to seeing her smiling face as I finish.
Thanks to all those who have entered my ‘Guess My Time’ competition. If you still want to enter you have until 12noon tomorrow. I’ll post the list of entries tomorrow afternoon.
I will have my mobile phone with me on the run (07905 218162) and will try and send updates as to how I’m getting on via Twitter and Facebook. They should also appear here but will depend on getting a signal and the various sites talking to each other.
4.45miles in 38mins 56secs (8.45pace)
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6 Responses to Final run before the Fling

  1. Grellan says:

    All the best for the fling John. You're in great shape. My guess is 9:49:49.

  2. Those times are a bit wishy-washy are they not? 🙂 Your bronze should be sub 10!

  3. Chris Carver says:

    All the best John, hope it goes well

  4. Johann says:

    Wow, I didn't realise it was here already! All the best!

  5. Ali says:

    Good luck John – hope you have a good day on Saturday. You should try the Alpro chocolate soya milkshakes sometime – they are UHT so no need to worry about chilling them.

  6. xtine says:

    Hi John,

    Hope you have a great race (:

    My first Fling and I am aiming just to finish…and to try and eat something other than cashew nuts along the way…

    I will maybe see you en route! Say hello if so.


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