Guess My Time Competition Entries

Thank you to all those who have entered my fun competition to try and guess what time I will finish the Montane Highland Fling tomorrow.
I’ve had 61 guesses.
Stuart Mills has prediction the fastest time – 8hrs 59mins 59secs and Ian Beattie the slowest – 10hrs 09mins 00secs.
Now I have a feeling that tells us more about those two and their approach to running than it does about me!!!

So we have
7 guesses predicting under 9hrs 30mins
26 guesses predicting between 9hrs 30mins and 9hrs 45mins
24 guesses predicting between 9hrs 45mins and 10hrs
4 guesses predicting over 10hrs
All good fun and we’ll see who is right. At least nobody predicted a DNF this time!
Finally let me wish everyone running tomorrow a really good race. I hope you enjoy the event as much as I intend to.
Plus a massive thanks to all those who are helping with the race. Without you it wouldn’t be possible.
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5 Responses to Guess My Time Competition Entries

  1. Santababy says:

    being a telltale here but Ian was going to put DNF! 😮

  2. Oi! Where's my guess? I commented on your post on April 12…

    Debbie Martin-Consani said…
    I was going to say the same as the CG. I'm going for 9:28:59, because I know you can!!

    13/4/11 3:05 PM

  3. Sorry Debs … I've added you on to my list!

  4. Peter Duggan says:

    And where's mine in all? It's a real guess, even if it's a 'floating' one!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Having not won so far I'm trying a new strategy this time John. Good luck and see you tomorrow. Ian

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