Highland Fling list of pb’s

I’ve been busy this morning …. I’ve updated my (unofficial) list of pb’s for the Highland Fling.

If you see any mistakes please let me know …

I’m off to Glasgow with Katrina to buy a new pair of inov-8’s.
This is why I need to replacement my current ones ….

I can’t believe I wear out the outside of my heel as much as I do. I’ve been trying to land mid sole but I’m obviously not!!
Murdo McEwan sent me this photo this morning. You can just see Stuart Mills about to overtake us.
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One Response to Highland Fling list of pb’s

  1. Robert says:

    I'm curious, just how worn down were the lugs at heel before the start of the race?

    How many miles did you put on them in total?

    My Roclite 315's are a little worn down in the same place but haven't gone through the lugs completely yet. I have mid to fore foot strike in these shoes, and believe the wear in the heels is likely down to the time when I've walked in them. Perhaps the wear on your shoes is down to walking as well.

    With over 700 miles in my Roclite the only place I've worn through is through the lining and foam of the inside of the right heel.

    Also with the footstrike when running, you should get someone to video with a slow motion camera, they are an invaluable tool for weeding out perception vs reality.

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