New pb at the Troon 10k

Sadly it wasn’t mine!!!
I thought Katrina had a great run in her and I was right! I thought she might get close to 50mins but 48mins 59secs is very impressive! Not got the official time yet but it shouldn’t be too far out.
We met Ian and Sandra before the start and I presented Ian with his prize for winning my ‘Guess My Time’ Competition for the Fling…..

Ian was running his 100th 10k and ran a very impressive 41.40 just a few days after the Fling. Well done Ian.
Katrina was looking quietly confident to me before the race. There was none of the usual ‘I’m just going to run and enjoy it’ stuff. She had a plan and was prepared to push it.
Before the race …
I stood at the end of the prom about 0.5km from the start and videoed everyone running past. Katrina was looking as though she was running well and working her way through the runners.
I then walked further along and waited for the runners coming back. I was just before the 9k mark and again videoed all the runners as they came past until Katrina came.
David Millar was leading by a good distance and looked very strong.
Just when I was wondering when Katrina might come she was there. I ran after her and saw her past the 9k mark on 44mins or so and knew that she had a great chance of getting under the 50mins which she did.
Congratulations Katrina … at least one of us is getting faster!
A very happy Katrina at the end. Katrina’s mile splits were 8.12, 8.08, 7.53, 7.48, 8.15 and 7.48. Average 8.01
I’ll put the video clips onto movie maker and post asap.
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6 Responses to New pb at the Troon 10k

  1. Peter Duggan says:

    Top stuff, Katrina! 🙂

  2. WHW Runner says:

    Great performance Katrina, many congratulations.

  3. Santababy says:

    lovely to see you both John, Katrina looked very relaxed & happy both before & after, massive well done to her

  4. Thomas says:

    Well done Katrina!
    I am also very impressed with Ian's 41 just after the Fling.

  5. That's the finest ahtletic performance of the year so far. I hope Katrina is joining Kilbarchan after that.

    The last mile being the fastest. Fabulous. Bet you've never done that 🙂

    Love and high-fives to Katrina xx

  6. allybea says:

    Well done Katrina! What a star 🙂

    I'm going to say again when is she starting her own running blog?

    Ali xxx

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