David Cummings 7mile Handicap Race

Tonight was one of our Kilbarchan Handicap Races. This one is in memory of David Cummings who was a founder member of the club. David represented Scotland at Cross Country and ran for GB in the 1924 Olympic Games. If you are interested there is more information about him on our club web site.

Tonight 10 of us set out on this hilly figure of eight route. As official handicapper I need to make sure I give myself a tough handicap otherwise if I won I’d never hear the end of it. But to be honest I was never in danger of winning.

My legs are feeling good after the Fling 11 days ago but I wasn’t expecting too much. I was keen to have a short sharp race as most of my running at the moment is geared towards preparing for the whw race.

I started second to last 45secs after Donald and 1min 15secs after Stevie. Ross, one of our very good runners, was starting 8mins 30secs behind me.
You can see from the profile below there is a long climb to start with and I made sure I didn’t push too hard as I knew there are even more hills later on.
I could see that Donald had caught and overtaken Stevie and by the time we reached the Chlochoderick Stone (2.6ml) Donald had stretched his lead to over a minute.
There is then a 1.5mile downhill section before turning left and another long tough hill. I was working hard and I caught up Stevie then Donald.
Once I caught Donald he tried to stay with me for the next mile or so but when we hit the next big hill he dropped back.
I caught up with a Max and then Siobhan but the top four were away. The finish is up another hill which I pushed as hard as I could.
I finished in 46mins 30secs for the 6.8mile route. Two years ago I did it in 45mins 45secs but that year it was run before the Fling and not after like this year!
If you’re interested the full results are on our web site.
Alan Craig with the trophy
Wed 11th May Run Details
Warm-up: 1.63miles in 14mins 26secs
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