First real test for my new shoes

I woke at 6am this morning and was looking forward to my run on the Braes. I dozed for a bit longer then was up by 6.45am and running by 7.20am.

Within 10 strides I knew it was going to be a good run! Nothing hurt and I felt there was a spring to my step.
I was wearing my new Saucony Peregrine shoes and I was keen to give them a good run before next weekend’s 75miler. I’d used them for a 5mile run round the grass of Brodie Park but I was interested to see how they would feel on stony and harder ground.
I was very pleased with the result. My inov-8 roclites are great on softer ground but I don’t think they are really designed for stony, harder ground and consequently I often felt every stone and there are a lot of them on the whw.
Today on the stonier, harder ground I didn’t feel them at all and it was so much more comfortable. The shoe is fairly light but with a good solid cushioned sole. I don’t think they will be very waterproof but I don’t mind that.
I decided to push a bit harder today. Often on these 15mile runs I average around 9.45-10min pace but today I finished on 8.59. I must admit I pushed the last mile to get it under the 9mins!!
So a very encouraging run. It was good to finish the run feeling really strong. I think I’ve fully recovered from the Fling and I’m starting to feel the benefits of the longer runs I’ve done. Certainly mentally it’s so much easier doing a 2hr run after recently running for 10hrs!
I also stopped for a couple of minutes on the way down to video my running style. Ever since I really looked at the wear on my inov-8’s I’ve been meaning to video myself and see if I can identify anything.
So this is me after about 2hrs of running ….
From that it does like I run on my mid sole and the wear is more likely from when I walk.
15.16miles in 2hrs 16mins 08secs (8.59pace)
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3 Responses to First real test for my new shoes

  1. Anonymous says:

    You should have added the Chariots of fire music to the slow motion replay John!!
    I bought a pair of Saucy Xodus trails last week, also fantastic shoes.

    Colin K

  2. Billy says:

    The shoes look good John, but sound like they could do with a scoot of WD40?

  3. Robert says:

    It looks like you probably have a mid-foot strike from the video, but from a front/rear view in grass it's hard to say definitively.

    Recording yourself from the side on pavement/road would make it easier to access your foot-strike. Also considering recording yourself running on a treadmill as it'll be easier to set up the camera, and will enable you to capture an extended period of running.

    You might also find different footwear affects your gait.

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